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Tips for Teachers

Our Health and Science Games (Web Adventures) can be integrated into the classroom in many different ways. However, you might find the following tips useful. (Download PDF version)



  • Web adventures work well as embedded lessons or standing alone as a unit.
  • Students can informally receive extra credit.


  • Don’t build the web adventures up as just a “game.” Describe it as an alternative way to learn.
  • If you use the computer lab, it is helpful (but not required) to use headphones.
  • A single classroom computer connected to a projection system CAN work.
  • The program works well in either class period time frames or block schedules.
  • Struggling readers may benefit from being paired with a more skilled reader.
  • Do some of the correlated hands-on activities that are provided (quizzes, activities, mission logs) or ones you already do for reinforcement.

What else?

  • Use the “Cool Links” option at the end of the segments for students who finish more quickly.
  • Write and pronounce difficult vocabulary words before beginning the programs.
  • Have students complete the Mission Log assignments as they do the episodes. Pre-test and post-tests are available online and can be used, too.
  • With the MedMyst series, use the magazine to reinforce reading and writing skills.
  • Some of the programs are available in Spanish. Look for the icon on the homepage.

Check out


Cool Science Careers: Career simulations and information about careers in science
CSI: Forensic rookie training and cases to apply forensic science
MedMyst: Several independent missions covering pathogens, immune system, and scientific method
N-Squad: Alcohol’s interaction in three body systems: digestive, circulatory, nervous
Reconstructors: Three separate programs deal with neuroscience and substance abuse
Virtual Clinical Trials: Neuroscience-related clinical trials simulations


“What a great site! My high school science students love [N-Squad]. They can't wait for future episodes to be ready. How long will it be??? Thanks for your work.”— Teacher

“[CSI: Web Adventures] was a real brain-teaser but i figured it out. :) It was lots of fun and now I have an idea of what it's going to be like because I want to be a crime scene officer and a profiler. Thanks!” — Student


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