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Oral History Projects

The following projects were funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, Schools for a New Millennium Grant.

The Heights Remembers World War II

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What if students looked for history in their own backyard? James S. Hogg Middle School students interviewed Houston Heights residents about their remembrances of World War II. Listen to their oral histories.

The Independence Heights Project

The Independence Heights Project thumbnail


Through interviews and research by middle school students, the history of the first African-American city in Texas comes to life.

Community in History

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In collaboration with the Texas State Historical Association and Hogg Middle School, CTTL assisted in devising new electronic resources and new ways of teaching history using the theme of "community" as a unifying focus across three grade levels.

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“I think [CSI: Web Adventures] is brilliant and will be showing my science-mad daughter who will be able to learn loads whilst having fun. Can't wait for future projects on it.” — Parent


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